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Caring for Hardware

Care should be made to not abuse the metal hardware, as it can scratch. Hardware can be polished using a soft, dry cloth as needed.

Caring for Other Fabric Bases
All of our products will be composed of a variety of materials, in addition to cork, leather and faux leather. These products include, but are not limited to, cotton, linen, satin, faux suede, canvas, waxed canvas, mesh, and vinyls. Occasionally some fabrics will be treated with a water proofing product, such as odicoat or a beeswax/paraffin wax, which will be mentioned in the product listing. We recommend brushing away any loose dirt or debris, followed by gently spot cleaning with a soft white cloth, dampened with warm water. It may be necessary to add a diluted mild soap in order to clean stubborn spots. We do not recommend washing any of our products in a washing machine or using heat to dry. We recommend not using an iron or steamer unless you are confident it will not ruin the product. We do not assume any responsibility to damage done during home cleanings. Our products have not been tested using dry cleaning services, so we cannot recommend their use. 
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