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About Our Leathers

We are diligent about sourcing high quality leathers. In an effort to respect the source of the leather and reduce waste, we do our best to utilize all usable areas of the leather we purchase. Because leather is sourced from animals, the appearance of each hide will vary, thus varying the appearance of every product made. Minor variances in grain and appearance may be visible, but add to the character of owning a genuine leather, handcrafted item.

Care Instructions

If your leather item gets dirty, gently brush away loose dirt using your hand or a soft, dry cloth. Wipe down the item using a damp cloth, a mild soap and warm water. Allow the item to dry naturally at room temperature, do not attempt to dry in a clothes dryer or using heat sources. 

In order to prevent your item from drying out and cracking, we recommend occasionally conditioning and adding a protectant of your choice to keep the leather soft, pliable and with the appropriate shine. Please consult a leather specialist for more information. We recommend always spot testing your products in an area of low visibility.

Leather items should be stored in a cool dry area, avoiding sunlight, in an effort to avoid cracking and fading.  Do not wrap in plastic in order to allow the leather to breathe.

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